Admission Process

01 Application: Sign up for a course and reserve your place. Please complete the Online Application Form. We will contact you within 48 hours to complete your admission process and to answer any queries that you may still have. 


02 Review: Our panel of experts would review your application and you may get a call for an online interview


03 Selection: In the final round, we would onboard the shortlisted candidates into our transformational Media Training & Mentoring Courses


04 Fee: Talk to Mentor Mr Gauravv Raj Gupta on 9266678777 to submit your Course Fee.


Get Admission & Get Job Offer Letter

We are confident in our Program and Training, after completion of the course, we will get you placed. You will have a rich portfolio reflecting your multitasking abilities so that the employer doesn’t have to hire several people to do different things since you know them all and you will be eligible to fit multiple job profiles in various organizations

Learn the ins and outs of being a full–time content creator; from storytelling, to monetization and distribution — all from the best in the industry.


We Groom - You Shine

Thousands of success stories. Learn latest industry insights. Be the preferred choice of employers. 


Training in National Media House
Performance in Reality shows. Presentation in News Channel. Professional Portfolio. Internship and Placement 


Training by India’s Best Media Professionals

Anchoring Training by Anchors from National News Channels

Reporting Training by Reporters from National News Channels

Video Editing Training by VT Editors from National News Channels

Promo and Ad Film Making by award winning Creators from National News Channels

Videography Training by India’s best Fashion and News Videographers

Social Media Training by Google Certified Experts

Reach & Revenue Training by India’s Best Experts


India’s First Media Mentoring Program

3 to 9 month long intensive program. Live Projects & Internship with Stipend. Job and Entrepreneurship Mentoring. Reach & Revenue Mentoring. Seed Funding Mentoring


Great Career opportunity 

Media & Communication industry. Get Admission - Get Job Offer. 100% Placement. Admission Open - Join Now. 

Learn & Earn

Anchoring, News Reporting, Videography, Video Editing, Content Writing, Public Relations, Sales & Marketing


Get Admission Get Job Offer Letter

Job & Entrepreneurship Opportunities for you

Govt Sector, Private Sector, News Presenter, News Reporter, News Producer, Video Journalist, Video Editor, Promo Producer, Social Media Manager, Ad Film Director, Sales Executive, Marketing Executive, Business Development officer, Lead Generation Officer, Public Relation Officer, Freelancer, Social Media Influencer, Production House Entrepreneur


Multitasking Specialization

Be a Professional and not just a Degree holder

Integrated Skill Set. Problem Solver for the employer. In-house Placement Cell. 100% Professional Skills. 100% Corporate Training. 100% Job Placement. Faculty of Industry Experts. Scope of “Job and Business”. International Standards Training. Association with Print, TV and Digital Media Organization.

 Importance of Media Training & Mentoring Program
There is a huge gap between the education system and industry's requirements. We plan our course structure to match the specific skill set requirements. We engage organizations during the entire program. Organizations are happy with our students as our students become professionals who understand the market insights and companies do not need to invest a whole year to train a new employee. We provide a fully trained employee to the company who can perform from the Day 1


Higher Pay Package and Quick Promotions

Our highly specialized syllabus trains you for Digital Media Business. We transform you into an expert with many skills. You may receive a higher pay package and multiple Job opportunities as compared to those candidates who have only a basic degree or diploma or knowledge of digital marketing or graphic or video editing only.


Be an All rounder 

You are now an all-rounder with multitasking abilities that too with QC Smart processing knowledge. The possibility of your being promoted to the rank of a project manager or team leader are much better than other candidates because you are an expert in many different and yet closely related fields.